Use Your Quality Monitoring for Good

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Use your quality monitoring for goodUse your quality monitoring for good

Every call center manager wants his or her employees to do a good job and function at a high level. A determining factor in this is an employee’s level of motivation. As call center leaders, you want your agents to be highly motivated. How can this be achieved? Money can certainly work as a motivator, but how often can you afford to give raises or bonuses? Furthermore, many people need something in addition to monetary rewards to be highly motivated. The answer lies in the feedback that you provide as a result of quality monitoring.

Quality monitoring is conducted in an effort to determine how well your customer service agents are performing.

Are they reading the script per instructions? Are they asking the right questions? Based on quality monitoring results, coaches and managers often give feedback to call center agents and it usually focuses on the need for improvement in certain areas. While this is certainly a necessary function of the business, it needs to be supplemented with positive feedback as well. Don’t make all of your discussions with your call center agents centered on negativity.

This positive feedback doesn’t have to be for every little thing that they do well. From time to time, a well-placed compliment will do the trick. Just sneaking in a compliment or two after you have gone through a laundry list of areas for improvement will not do the trick. Pick a specific time when you will approach the agent and let him or her know that she is doing well. Focus that conversation on positive feedback only. Tell your agents that they are good at what they do. Focus on these “areas of excellence.”

Each of your agents has “areas of excellence” or he or she would not be working for you. You could say something like, “While quality monitoring your interactions over the past few days, we have noticed that you establish a great rapport with the customers, and they really seem to enjoy talking to you.” Find the one or few things that this particular agent does very well, and use that to praise him or her. By providing that positive feedback, your agents will be encouraged to improve. In the world of quality monitoring, we are constantly giving feedback on how our agents can improve. When thinking about your next conversation with one of your call center agents, remember that positive feedback is a highly effective motivator.

How do you give positive feedback to your agents?

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