The Shortest Way to Customer Success is Often Overlooked

The Shortest Way to Customer Success is Often Overlooked

Today we are excited to share a guest post with you by Sofia Sapojnikova of HappyOrNot.

The best time to get customers full attention is at a point of service. Whether online or in the store, the task of a seller is to ensure that the buyer is having the ultimate customer experience purchasing your product or service. Price, description, availability, shipping, return policy, time spent obtaining the information are all important factors that must be readily available for a customer to make a decision and complete the transaction.

A competitive price and wide availability may invite customers into the door but it is a total buying experience that makes customers consider coming back for future needs. That is the ultimate goal of a seller. To make everything about the purchase attractive and memorable enough to make future purchases possible. In fact, the quality of the experience can invite a customer to give a referral to their friends and family and do the advertising job for you.

How is the experience acquiring the product or service? That is the question. The answer is in customer feedback. Customers are customer service experience experts. Marketing and sales professionals may be quick to suggest ways to make the offer more attractive but the shortest way to customers success is customers. Only they know what is of most value to them and what matters.

While getting customer feedback is not easy it is possible when requested at the right time. The right time, in fact the only time, is at the point of experience. Customers will find time to answer your questions and provide feedback during the time they dedicated to shop. Once that time is gone, the chances of getting their opinion and true validity of their experience are also gone. No matter how creative your mail postcards or email surveys are!

True interaction with customers can only happen while they are in front of you or your website. You want to capture the moment? Ask them about their experience. Want them to come back? Keep asking and keep improving. Relationship with customers is a long term.


About Sofia:

Sofia is a strategic marketer and passionate communicator. She enjoys networking and meeting new people, having open discussions, traveling and playing tennis.  Sofia has a daughter and currently resides in Northern California.

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