The Phone: The Most Effective Way to Communicate

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Retailers Underestimate the Value of the Telephone

We email, text, chat during the course of the business day; it’s faster, easier, perhaps more efficient than a phone call.  I realized I can count the number of calls I receive from clients and even friends on one hand.  Are we missing a golden opportunity to connect and build strong relationships when we don’t talk to each other?

We are all on overload, 24/7.  About a month ago, I sent an email to my hometown newspaper, attaching a press release about my new book, The Endangered Customer. I no longer live in the community but I thought an article about a once local person would be of interest.  No response.  I sent the email again and never heard back.  Were they not interested and should I just forget about it?  No; I placed a call, left a voice message for the editor and presto, the PR representative called me within an hour. My email had never been received and the newspaper was very interested.  An interview was set up and the article will appear next week.  Can’t wait to read it.

I called a prospect who did not respond to two email requests.  I spoke to the president of the company who said to send him a new email about my proposal. Within the hour, I received a reply with a request to visit their offices to discuss my recommendations in person.

People like to email:  it is an efficient way to communicate and doesn’t require an immediate response.  How to write an email effectively is a topic for another blog.  Certainly, an email can convey warmth, concern and build upon an already existing relationship.  However, a conversation brings the connection to a different level.

Obviously, there is the need for both email and text in our lives.  However, I think it would be a wise business decision to put a 90 – minute hold per day on your calendar to make phone calls.  Use emails to make an appointment to speak to an already established business colleague, prospect, or good buddy.

Everyone is talking about out-of-the-box thinking as a vehicle to differentiate themselves from the competition.  My message is that creating and building relationships is a key differentiator.  So, pick up the phone and find out how people are doing.  Use your phone for what it was originally intended – a conversation.

What do you think?  Call and let me know.

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