Thank Other Departments for Their Support

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Thank Other Departments for Their Support

We’re celebrating Customer Service Week.  A highlighted critical objective is to thank other departments for their support. The following recommendations will assist in this effort.

Keep Records

Think about the company receptionist who transfers miss-directed calls from a disgruntled customer to the right department, the person in logistics who always has the answers to the status of a delivery, the clerk in billing who assists in resolving credit issues almost instantly, and the senior support engineer who can get the systems up and running after a power outage.  Obviously, the Customer Service Department cannot operate successfully in a vacuum; assistance from other sectors within the company is essential.  Consider their roles and keep records throughout the year so those who have positively impacted the customer experience can be thanked.

Invite Others to Share in the Team Celebration

If budget dollars are allocated during Customer Service Week for celebrations, delivering a box of donuts or tray of bagels to those two or three areas that support customer service every day can go a long way to demonstrate fellow appreciation.  Imagine how happy the associates from billing, credit, logistics, or technical support will be when they arrive in the morning and find a plate of goodies along with a note from the customer service team, thanking them for their efforts in supporting customers too.

Present Recognition Awards

Most companies hold town hall meetings at least once a year. Secure a place on the agenda to thank specific individuals who are always so helpful and accommodating; this is especially meaningful in front of their peers. Make sure your department allocates a portion of their dollars for Customer Service Week to purchase a few deserving recognition awards. Those that have been selected as honorees will cherish their certificates or plaques.

Spreading the good new goes a long way. 

Sharing specific success stories with other department can reinforce the individual contributions to the company’ service efforts. When customers take the time to thank associates in Customer Service, tell the other departments, which don’t have direct contact with the customer but lend essential support. Let them enjoy the thank you, too; everyone feels good about being appreciated.

Customer Service may be the department that owns customer communication. But, the entire company needs to support customer service every day to create the seamless customer experience. Don’t forget to say thank you to your support teams.




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