Ten Top Service Complaints

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Ten Top Service Complaints

I’m always asking people I meet what their biggest pet peeves are. It’s an excellent icebreaker. This is what I uncovered:


1. People who cut into line and the company does nothing to prevent it

2. You find out that the person next to you on the plane paid $200 less than you for the same flight

3. You unsubscribe to an online site that emails you twice a day, and they totally ignore your request…..forever

4. Something goes wrong with a piece of equipment and it’s one week past its warranty date and the company doesn’t even say sorry in a nice way

5. You try to get a new license and you need to visit 5 windows to complete the transaction

6. Your cell is listed on the “do not call list” and you get an annoying sales calls while driving your car

7. The restaurant automatically adds a 20% tip for crummy to fair service

8. You are on a long line waiting for a bank teller, with only one teller window open, and 5 managers are in the background doing their paperwork

9. Your cleaner tells you the spot that showed up on your new outfit was already there

10. The waiter takes away your plate before others in your party are finished

What are your biggest pet peeves?



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  1. Peter Armaly says:

    Great list, Richard. I can add one, although the list would sound weird as Top Eleven Service Complaints. :-)

    How about this? A major hotel chain offers a room upgrade for your next visit after you provided detailed feedback about a poor experience you had. Sounds okay, right? Trouble is the upgrade is only available for the site you stayed at and only IF they are not sold out when you get there, not at the time of your booking. And when you thank them and say that it’s unlikely you’ll be back at their site anytime soon (because it’s thousands of miles away) and that it would be better if the upgrade was system-wide, they ignore your email.

  2. Peter, thanks so much for sharing your comment. Sorry, you had such a bad experience. Companies just don’t use their common sense. Have a wonderful weekend. Rich