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Welcome Customers As Guests in Your Home

I joined Pandora a few weeks ago; I know I’m late to catch up with modern technology as far as the music industry is concerned but certainly glad I did. As a new customer, I was pleased with the communication from the company. So many businesses don’t recognize a new customer at all and those that do frequently send a message that is robotic without any feeling. But, not Pandora.

The letter was from the president and founder, Tim Westergren.  To illustrate the perfect email, it is copied below.

Dear fellow music lover,

It made me feel like I was part of a unique and special club

We are delighted that you have joined Pandora. Welcome! 

He said they were really happy to have me as a customer

Pandora was founded by musicians and music-lovers and it has been a labor of love for us for more than ten years. A decade into this journey it continues to thrill us each time someone new chooses to make Pandora part of their day.

He said it was thrill each time they get a new customer. Pandora has over 150 million users, but they were happy to get even one more

As you explore and discover the vast trove of music and comedy on Pandora, we encourage you to let us know if you have any suggestions, comments, or complaints – we want to hear them all. Are we missing one of your favorite artists? Tell us. Know that we are single-mindedly dedicated to providing you with the best-personalized radio listening experience in the world. The feedback we get from our listeners has an enormous impact on how we develop and improve Pandora, so please don’t be shy.

He wants to hear from me if I have any suggestions.  I honestly felt like my voice would be heard

We also look forward to staying in touch by occasionally sending you emails (don’t worry, just a few) about new music available on your stations or new releases from your favorite artists, as well as tips on how to get the most out of your personalized radio stations. We read every email sent to us.

I was confident that I would not get an email everyday and feel like I would have to unsubscribe.  I believe that the communication from the company will be based on my personal taste

Thanks again for listening and for your support. We hope you enjoy your personalized Pandora radio!

I appreciated the thank you for becoming a customer

All my best, Tim (Founder) and the Listener Advocate team

Tim signed the letter, using his first name only and included his photo too.

Lastly, the email address was from tim.westergren@pandora.com, not one that said “do not reply.”

Newly acquired customers should always be welcomed and made to feel important and that their business is appreciated.

Pandora did it right.  It’s easy, but rarely done.









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