One of Best Ways To Connect to Your Customer is…

Filed in Blog by on February 1, 2013
One of Best Ways To Connect to Your Customer is…

To value their history!

Satisfying customers is clearly an important element of customer retention. However, delivering satisfaction and even exceeding customer expectations, still leaves your company vulnerable to the competition. Companies need to build relationships with their customers from day one.

One of the best ways to create a relationship is to make a connection. Many of our clients have been in business for nearly a century. When a client enters our offices, I want them to immediately feel comfortable and welcomed. I also want them to instantly realize that our staff values their long history of creating brands that have lasted a lifetime.

Since 1995, I have been collecting antique advertising memorabilia that our clients have produced over decades. During an 18-year period I have amassed an amazing collection of signs and products that I have found in small antique shops, large antique fairs and of course perusing EBay. We have these products displayed throughout our offices, which are impressive to our clients and enable our associate’s see our customers through their unique histories.

Having your customers listed on your website is a good way to promote your company’s success. Having a bit of your customer’s history on your walls, in your display cabinets and on your associate’s work stations, helps to create a different kind of connection; a connection that helps to create an instant bond between your clients and your staff.

Start searching for pieces of your clients’ history today. It will be both fun and rewarding!

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