Notable Media Mentions and TCFCR in the News

June 14, 2017, BusinessWire
NGDATA to Drive Customer Experience Conversation at Upcoming Forrester and CXPA Events

June 6, 2017, NewTechnologyTips
Top 50 Customer Service Blogs & Websites For Businesses

June 3, 2017, Feedspot
Top 75 Customer Experience Blogs & Websites For Businesses

May 30, 2017, Retail TouchPoints
Retail Customer Acquisition Vs. Retention: A Zero-Sum Game?

May 10, 2017, Thematic
Guest Interview: Richard Shapiro, The Center For Client Retention (TCFCR)

April 20, 2017, National Retail Federation (NRF)
Small Business Education at Retail’s Big Show

April 10, 2017, Council of International Fashion Designers (CIFD)
Fashion Business Portal for Emerging Designers announces Retail Strategy Partners

March 15, 2017, Relate by Zendesk
8 steps to creating loyal, human, customer connections

January 31, 2017, Business2Community
3 Takeaways From Retail’s Big Show In The Big Apple

January 3, 2017, Business2Community
45 Ways to Create Better Customer Experiences With Emotion

January 3, 2017, NightClub&Bar
Start 2017 Right: 7 Trends You Need to Watch

July 20, 2016, JenningsWire
PODCAST: The Endangered Customer: 8 Steps to Guarantee Repeat Business

JUNE 30, 2016, Customer Think
5 Fails by Angie’s List — Why “Soft Skills” are Key to Customer Service Success

JUNE 17, 2016 NGData
Customer Retention Strategies: 30 Experts Share Their Most Effective Tactics and Techniques for Retaining Customers

APRIL 28, 2016, The Operations Blog
15 Customer Experience Thought Leaders on Twitter

APRIL 5, 2016, Jeweller Magazine
Your Customers Are Under Attack

APRIL 4, 2016, Customer Think
5 Questions for Richard Shapiro About Saving “The Endangered Customer”

MARCH 23, 2016, Luxury Daily
Customers love you? Think again.

MARCH 21, 2016, Doral Family Journal
First Annual OrthoNow Franchises Convention

MARCH 9, 2016, Sikorski’s Think Abouts
8 Steps to Guarantee Repeat Business

FEBRUARY 17, 2016, Stacey Alcorn
6 Client Retention Strategies

FEBRUARY 9, 2016, Suttle Enterprises, LLC
Breakthrough Interview with Richard R. Shapiro on The Endangered Customer

FEBRUARY 8, 2016, Shep Hyken
Active Listening is The Key to a Successful Customer Experience

FEBRUARY 4, 2016, Crack the Customer Code
An Interview With Richard Shapiro

JANUARY 28, 2016, NYC Health Business Leaders
Members in the News

JANUARY 7, 2016, Capterra
Help Desk Technology Trends for 2016: Live Chat, Anticipatory Customer Service

JANUARY 4, 2016, MyCorporation
6 Repeat Business Ideas for Retailers

JANUARY 1, 2016, Business News Daily
50 Small Business Trends and Predictions for 2016

NOVEMBER 23, 2015,
Black Friday 2015: How NJ Shoppers Can Prepare

NOVEMBER 16, 2015, CIO Today
2016 Customer Experience Trends — Customer Experience Guru Releases 2016 Trends List

NOVEMBER 9, 2015, Avalara TrustFile
6 Creative Ways to Attract New Customers to Your Online Business

OCTOBER 13, 2015, DestinationCRM
6 Ways to Multiply Repeat Business

SEPTEMBER 15, 2015, The Content Factory
The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Owning Small Business Saturday

AUGUST 31, 2015, Website Magazine
Retail CRM Tactics from the Pros

MAY 7, 2015, Sikorski’s Think Abouts
Customer Retention With Richard Shapiro

FEBRUARY 10, 2015, Advertising Specialty Institute
How can distributors capitalize on customer service trends to stand out from the competition?

JANUARY 14, 2015, Execs In The Know
What You Should Know: An Interview with Richard Shapiro, President & Founder, The Center For Client Retention

DECEMBER 30, 2014, Steve Curtin
It’s 2015. Do You Know Where Your Customers Are?

DECEMBER 25, 2014, InfinitContact
5 Customer Service Trends and Predictions for 2015

DECEMBER 12, 2014, Monster
How to Provide Customer Service in Age of the App

SEPTEMBER 11, 2014, Customers That Stick
Faces of Customer Experience: Richard Shapiro

MARCH 8, 2012,
The Best Repeat Business Best Practices

JULY 24, 2012, Fox Business News
Five Trusty Tips to Score Better Customer Service

MARCH 21, 2012, 1to1 Media
The One Employee Trait That’s Essential to Customer Retention

DECEMBER 20, 2011,
Customer Service Emerging As A Leading Competitive Strategy For SMBs

OCTOBER 6, 2011, Business News Daily
How to Deliver Excellent Customer Service

OCTOBER 5, 2011, The Herald Bulletin
What’s Your Customer Service Type?

AUGUST 15, 2011, ClickDesk
5 Quick Tips for Customer Service

AUGUST 4, 2011, Personal Branding Blog
Are You Making Customer Service a Top Priority?