Let’s Make Automated Voice Response Systems Friendly

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Let’s Make Automated Voice Response Systems Friendly

I do feel that automated voice response systems serve a purpose. Frequently, they are an excellent tool for having customers quickly reach the appropriate department to handle their inquiry. And, when they have a limited number of menu options, they can be a benefit to any business.

What I don’t understand is why the voice and the messaging on so many voice response systems sounds robotic, indifferent or even hostile. Rare is the recording that sounds friendly and upbeat and it is even more infrequent to find a message that earnestly thanks the customer for reaching out or conveys a warm or welcoming tone.

If you own or manage a company which uses an automated voice response system, I would suggest the following: Assess your employees and identify the frontline associate who sounds most friendly and welcoming. Have them record a message mirroring what they would say to a real person. For example, “Hi, you have reached ABC Company. We hope you are having a great day. We want to direct you to the right person who can help you. Just tell us which of these four options is most appropriate for you.”

Make sure that your automated “voice and message” makes callers feel good about your company and leaves them with a positive image of how you treat your customers. Remember, if you use an automated message process, and someone calls your company, that will be their first interaction. Make sure it leaves a good impression!

Do YOU use an AVS system to handle calls? What can YOU do to improve the quality of your customer’s call experience?


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