Interview With Richard Shapiro About The Audiobook Release Of “The Endangered Customer”

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The Endangered Customer: 8 Steps to Guarantee Repeat Business was released as an audiobook in May 2017.  With narration from Scott Brick, we are excited to make this book available on Audible and speak with the author about his latest release.

Your latest book, The Endangered Customer: Eight Steps to Guarantee Repeat Business has been out for just about one year.  What has been the response so far?

The response has been tremendous!  The Endangered Customer was the #1 bestselling new release for the categories of retail and customer relations on Amazon. – I was very proud.  People who read my book have said: “Oh yes!  Straightforward, usable information, workable, doable.”  Companies have changed their customer service protocol based on the eight steps.

How did you come up with the ideas featured in The Endangered Customer?

The Endangered Customer evolved from my first book, The Welcomer Edge, Unlocking the Secrets to Repeat Business.  It was a natural progression.  I realized once the reader understood what a Welcomer was, a person who innately knows the value of creating a relationship between an associate and a customer, the next logical step (no pun intended) was to expand upon the concept.  The Endangered Customer provides a format, a step by step process, to create that vitally important relationship between the customer and the company.

Your first book, The Welcomer Edge: Unlocking the Secrets to Repeat Business was very successful.  What made you decide to write another book?

The ideas, steps, outlined in The Endangered Customer, came from our amassed research done with clients of The Center For Client Retention. TCFCR has studied the customer for the last 30 years.  From our fact finding investigations, we know what makes a customer/client tick. I compiled the information and formulated a process that any company or organization can use to generate more repeat business.

What are the eight steps to guarantee repeat business that you outline in The Endangered Customer?

The eight steps are:
  1.       Make Me Feel Welcome
  2.       Give Me Your Full Attention
  3.       Answer More Than My Question
  4.       Know Your Stuff
  5.       Don’t Tell Me No
  6.       Invite Me to Return
  7.       Show Me I Matter
  8.       Surprise Me In Good Ways
Each step is expanded upon in The Endangered Customer with examples from our research and tips for companies and organizations to use.  Each step is connected with a human emotion. I think sometimes we forget that the customer is a person first and certainly does not exist in a vacuum.  Customers, people, have needs and wants, and a company that can provide that stands out among the crowd.

Of the eight steps, which step is most important?

Each step stands by itself and each is important.  Putting all the steps together of course has the greatest impact.

Why did you decide to release an audio version of The Endangered Customer?

I was pleased with the audio version of The Welcomer Edge so it made sense to do a repeat performance of my new book.  I want to reach a wide audience and some readers prefer to listen.  The narrator, Scott Brick, makes my words come alive.  I have used sections of the narration in some of my speeches and audiences have appreciated hearing the book.

The hard copy and eBook versions of The Endangered Customer almost serves as a blueprint for strategizing repeat business.  Now that it is available as an audiobook, how do you think the lessons translate in this format?

I’m confident the information contained in The Endangered Customer is valuable and beneficial.  Whether it is read as an eBook, hard copy or listened to, the strategic blueprint provides a concrete plan to follow to increase repeat business.  The key word is “plan”.

Why should someone read The Endangered Customer?

Everyone benefits from reading The Endangered Customer.  The steps makes sense, especially because they are coupled with human emotions.  Like I said before, no one operates in a vacuum.  We are all human beings with emotions that make us just that, human.  Understanding that people have hope, want to connect, sometimes are frustrated, and always like to feel special, just to name a few, creates an added dimension to customer service.  I have gotten feedback that the steps are not only applicable to the customer experience but to life experience as well.  As a friend put it, a perfect formula for a successful marriage.

There are thousands of “customer experience” books and even more “retail” books.  How is The Endangered Customer different?

There really are thousands of book written about the customer experience and customer service.  What makes The Endangered Customer stand out from the rest is that the steps are a structure, not random ideas.  I have created a plan to follow for any company or organization.  The foundation of the plan is relationship.  From a first encounter, either in a store or online, a relationship between the customer and the company can begin and never end.

What is one piece pearl of wisdom you would like people to take away from reading The Endangered Customer?

Customers are people first and customers second.


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  1. It is great to read Richard Shapiro’s interview, he is always been an inspiration for someone like me.