How Can Magic Phrases Help Secure Repeat Business

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How Can Magic Phrases Help Secure Repeat Business

All of us of a certain age remember that great show, “You Bet Your Life,” hosted by Groucho Marx.  Any contestant who mentioned the magic word of the day would be rewarded a bonus, complete with a rubber duck falling from the ceiling celebrating the moment.  The prize was $100; worth a lot then and even now.

Every time a customer says a “magic” word or phrase, they too should be acknowledged.  If a frontline associate doesn’t say anything, it is a missed opportunity.

Some phrases that should trigger a welcoming response are…

“This is the my first time in your store.”

“I just moved into the neighborhood.”

“My friend suggested I might like your merchandise.”

“I have never used your website before.”

“This is the first time I’m calling your call center.”

A representative who answers with just an “okay,” “that’s nice,” or says nothing at all, has failed to make an excellent first impression and to engage the customer.  That initial conversation is the first step in creating a relationship. This dialog is critical to secure repeat business.

When customers or potential patrons call, visit or email a company for the first time, you have only have one chance to make that encounter special and memorable.  Your welcoming hello is crucial, having an answer to the question important, and providing additional useful information is also necessary and appreciated. Mentioning such things as hours of operation, where you get your merchandise, return polices, access to parking, etc. creates a more complete interaction.

The customer is happier and finding out what initiated the phone call or visit to the store or website provides critical data for developing marketing strategies.  Did the person read a review on a social media site, just walk by, or did they find you on Google?

Magic phrases:  listen, respond and see what the magic can do for you and your bottom line.

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