Book Review: High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service: Inspire Timeless Loyalty in the Demanding New World of Social Commerce

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Micah Solomon gets it! This book can help any business understand what service delivery is all about. As Micah puts it, “Exceptional service is a perfect product or service, delivered in a caring, friendly manner on time (as defined by the customer), with the backing of an effective problem-resolution process.” So many companies don’t take the opportunity to leverage their customer return processes and he explains why this is so critical to your business and for establishing trust.

I couldn’t have agreed more when Micah said, “Attitude, rather than technical skills are what’s most important in a prospective employee.” And he further describes the range of how much or how little a single employee can contribute to an organization.

In this ever-changing era of multi-channel communication, customer choice means that the customer chooses and the company needs to respect their decision. To me, one of the key points was when Micah so eloquently stated “To have a live customer on the phone is, indeed, something to be valued.”

It’s a well-written book with great ideas. Micah’s passion for customer service radiates from one chapter to the next.

Every Business Needs To Read Micah’s Book

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  1. Many thanks for this lovely review–and for taking the time to read and digest my new book, Richard. If any of your readers would like a chapter for free, here’s a secret special double-good link:!prettyPhoto%5Biframe2%5D/0/

    and here’s the entire book for sale, of course:

    Thanks again, it means a lot–Micah Solomon

  2. Micah, thank you for offering our readers an opportunity to receive a free chapter of your new book. We appreciate it! Rich