Hallmark Greeting Card’s Solutions Show Customers They Matter

Hallmark Greeting Card’s Solutions Show Customers They Matter

Many companies do a good job of providing a worthy customer experience. Few show customers they matter after the transaction. Hallmark has come up with an easy solution.

With a web interface, contact center associates can create and mail Hallmark greeting cards to the customers they serve to express sympathy, excitement and congratulations.

Using Hallmark’s proprietary digital handwriting, Hallmark Business Connections prints and mails each card to the chosen recipient on behalf of the customer service representative and company. Reps can choose from pre-scripted cards or customize the messages, images, typefaces, etc. Though e-cards are available, Hallmark is encouraging clients to send a physical card in the mail.

Hallmark’s solution is simple as most steps are that any company can take to generate repeat business.  No one calls a call contact center without hope that a question can be answered or problem solved.  The issue always involves an underlying emotion; rarely do questions or problems exist in a vacuum.  Associates who are trained to listen not only to the words a customer says, but also to how the customer is feeling is a powerful combination. When there is additional follow-up with a written note, it’s a home run.

Communicating to customers by email to thank them for calling is also good but the email should be written as if it were a personalized letter. Companies that send “Dear Valued Consumer” emails with robotic scripts just don’t get it.

Companies have a choice. Do they want the customer experience to be a date, a single transaction or does a company want to create a romance to continue “seeing” the customer again and again?

A company doesn’t have to show customers they are cared about after the transaction is complete, but building a relationship with customers will generate goodwill and positive social media postings.  This is turn creates repeat business.

Hallmark is not the only supplier that has a process to make it easy to show customers your company cares.  Anyone can visit a stationery store and send a hand-written note. How it’s done is not important, doing it is critical to create and build the customer relationship.

What process does your company have to show customers they matter in a personalized way?

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