Getting Real Customers to Write Rave Reviews – Not Paying for Them

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Getting Real Customers to Write Rave Reviews - Not Paying for Them

The Harvard Business School recently conducted a study and found that restaurants raised revenues 5 to 9 percent by increasing their Yelp ranking by one star. That finding was highlighted in a front-page article in the September 23rd issue of The New York Times.

Also noted was that a number of establishments are paying outside companies to post 5 star ratings to raise their overall rankings on various sites. Those additional stars are golden, but tarnished when fake.  New York has begun to investigate and prosecute companies who post comments they know are false.

The article goes on to state that some of these on-line abusers have hired reputation-enhancement firms as far way as Bangladesh, the Philippines and Eastern Europe to write these glorious accolades for as little as $1 a piece.

In my opinion, it doesn’t make sense to pay for a counterfeit good review, when a company, restaurant, etc., can focus their efforts on creating genuine ones. I know there is a business for everything these days, but spending dollars on bogus rankings is not only penny-wise and pound foolish, it’s illegal too.

Delivering excellent service will create a continual flow of outstanding reviews. There should be no need to post comments that are illusory.  Treat your customers well, provide excellent service and that will speak for itself.


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