From Robot to Welcomer: Making Teens More Endearing

From Robot to Welcomer: Making Teens More Endearing

On Sunday, March 11, I was invited to be interviewed by Peter Solomon, a well -known and respected radio show host on WIP Philadelphia. I was looking forward to the interview, but the program was at 6:00 am and it was also the same weekend that daylight saving time began. So, it was really early. I was thinking to myself, who could possibly be listening to the show at this hour?

The interview was enjoyable and to my complete surprise, I received an email on Monday morning from a high school junior, James, who said he had listened to and really enjoyed my interview. My first thought was “wow”, not only were other people up early, but a teenager was listening too! As it turned out, James writes a weekly “teens-for-teens” column for the metro-Philadelphia dailies and wanted to write a column on how the philosophies in my new book, The Welcomer Edge: Unlocking the Secrets to Repeat Business, could be applied to teenagers in the specific area of social media communications.

James sought my input on his pending article, which I was happy to provide. When the column appeared in the March 15th edition of the paper, I thought that James did an outstanding job. I would like to share the link to the complete piece entitled, From Robot to Welcomer: Making Teens More Endearing.

As adults, we don’t always think of how our kids might not only listen to what we say, but tailor it to their universe. I was totally impressed with James’ professionalism, communication skills and follow-up and I’m sure that his parents must be extremely proud of his tremendous accomplishments.

I know the world will continue to be a better place with such talented teenagers as James at the helm; helping and leading others in our sometimes challenging but rewarding society.


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  1. Skip Weisman says:

    Great story and it makes one other very important point that I want to make sure we capture here.
    So many young adults are portrayed as not to have a work ethic or are uncaring about anything other than themselves (I remember I probably could have been one of them in my day), and yet this story paints a completely different picture that I think we need to focus on and reinforce.

    I believe the more we look for these type of situations and stories, the more we will find them. The more we find them the more we can reinforce and build on them making the next generation valuable contributors to their communities near and far.

    Nice job!

    • Skip, thanks so much for your comment! While doing my research for my book, I was so happy to find so many Welcomers in their early twenties. I’m hoping that many young people consider the field of customer service to be a rewarding and valuable career opportunity. Rich