Five Ways Ecommerce Stores Can Keep Existing Customers Engaged

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5 Ways Ecommerce Stores Can Keep Existing Customers Engaged

Today we are excited to share a guest post from Johanna Rivard.

5 Ways Ecommerce Stores Can Keep Existing Customers Engaged

Did you know that about 571 websites are created every minute of every day? Whether they are directly competing with your start up business or not, there’s a clear message that’s pervading here: the success of your business venture depends not only on hard work, but also on practical strategies that can help you cut through the noise across the internet.

Indeed, making customer engagement happen is as crucial as building your customer base from the ground up. As you engage your customers within and beyond your ecommerce site, you also get to develop customer loyalty for your brand.

We share the following best practices for maintaining ecommerce consumer engagement:

  1. Write content with a distinct personality

Whether you like it or not, everything starts with content. You need to create content that stands out from everyone else’s.

To make sure that your content gets talked about and shared a lot online, it should be relevant, meaningful, and timely. It’s also important that you inject your brand’s personality into it. From your headline to your copy, you should be able to appeal to human emotion.

Most of all, you have to always stay true to what you promise to deliver. Any content that falls in the hook, line, and sinker category is out of the question.

  1. Be active on social media

The power of social media in digital marketing can never be overrated. Just look at the hundreds of thousands of videos, articles, posts, etc. that are liked and shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the rest of the social network bandwagon.

That said, you could take advantage of the different ways of connecting with your customers on these platforms. Use social to share the best customer reviews or feedback you receive, post Q&A pieces, and share your company’s milestones with your followers.

These practices can open up business opportunity leads, boost your brand following, and multiply customer visits to your site.

  1. 3. Utilize customer accounts wisely

It’s quite tempting to push customer accounts to people who are frequently visiting your site. After all, it makes placing and processing an order so much easier for both your customer and your store.

However, there are those who might be put off by this strategy. If you sense that a customer is not ready to commit to creating an account on your site just yet, at least provide an option to become a registered user each time the same customer places an order.

  1. Offer attractive freebies

This one is quite a giveaway (no pun intended), but there’s no better way to attract your customers’ attention and lock them into your online store, than through an incentive or rewards program. You could offer discounts that customers can apply on their next purchase.

Additionally, you could distribute coupons alongside requests for product reviews to help increase customers’ sense of connection with your brand.

  1. Get brand ambassadors on board

Sometimes, it takes just one positive customer experience to get people to tell others about your brand. When marketing your products or services, you could very well use some love from your most loyal followers, as well as new, happy customers.

These people can become your brand ambassadors, actively promoting your business offerings in their own circle of family and friends, who in turn could spread the word further down the line.

Once you have your brand ambassadors on board, don’t forget to reward them for referring additional business to you.

  1. Show appreciation for customers

Birthday greetings sent via post used to work like magic for customer engagement in decades past until newer technologies took over. With the level of interconnectivity that most of us are enjoying, it’s inexcusable for businesses not to express appreciation to their customers through email.

Alternatively, surprising them with a redeemable gift in their account says a lot about your customer care philosophy. Then again, a simple, sincere, and handwritten note mailed to your customer can make this gesture even more special, as it comes with a more personal touch to it.

Either way, it’s important to let your customers know how much you value their support.

There’s so much wisdom in trying your very best to keep your customers coming back to your store. They can be your greatest allies whom you can tap for your marketing and advertising efforts, and they come with so much credibility, having tried and tested your products and services for so long.

It’s nothing short of a big disservice on your part not to take care of them. Not to mention, a precursor to your business’ downfall.


johanna rivardJohanna Rivard drives the product and data strategies at PureB2B. She’s a two-decade veteran of the online publishing, B2B demand generation, and technology media markets. When not in the office, Johanna enjoys her family, fitness routines and reading self-help books.

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