How @FedEx Lost My Trust and My Package

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How @FedEx Lost My Trust and My Package

I have been a loyal FedEx customer for years. I did have an experience when a display case that had been shipped to a conference was lost.  Our company was exhibiting and we couldn’t do it without our materials.  The FedEx agents didn’t appreciate the severity of the misplaced case; there is a lot of time and expense that would have been wasted if the booth couldn’t be set up.  Fortunately, I had tracked the package and knew before FedEx that it was in Las Vegas instead of San Francisco, where the meeting and I both were.  Unfortunately, there was a lot of yelling before the trailer was opened, my booth located, and delivered on time. I am a reasonable man and understand that items can be lost.  Our exhibit was displayed as planned and we continued our relationship with FedEx.

A few weeks ago, on May 16th, we placed a package in the FedEx box in our corporate offices, marked it FedEx Saver, third business day delivery.  The package contained a book I had written and promised to a person I had recently connected with on LinkedIn.  In the correspondence with my new friend Frances, I told her the book was on its way and she should receive it by the 21st.  A week later, I received a voice mail message from FedEx Customer Support that my package was confused with refuse and most likely had been shredded.  Mistakes happen but there is a problem with FedEx procedures not to know that a package had been destroyed and not delivered.

By not notifying me immediately, there are consequences.  I could have potentially lost my credibility with a new contact; certainly not a good way to make a first impression.  I have lost my trust in FedEx.  I didn’t think it was necessary to follow-up with each package sent that it was actually received.  I didn’t think that FedEx Saver was less importance than priority shipments.

A package is not just an envelope.  It contains something of value, promised to another person on a specific day.  The package demonstrates commitment, honesty and integrity.  I don’t think the agent who left the voice message understood the ramifications of how important it was for me to know that my delivery was MIA.  Is it possible that FedEx didn’t know that the package was gone or did they just not tell me?

My book has been sent again.  I hope this time it is received.  I will check.

FedEx is not just a delivery company.  It is a company that is supposed to help you keep your word.

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