Do All Cable Companies Provide The Worst Service?

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Do All Cable Companies Provide The Worst Service?

I have to admit that when I contact a cable company, my expectations for easy, good service are low. I am frequently on hold for long periods, technicians rarely show up on schedule and if there is a problem, I know I will most likely need to call the company at least three times until someone can resolve the issue. That’s not a revelation!

During the month of July, our family took a vacation in Brevard, North Carolina. For those of you who are not familiar with the area, this small town is about 20 miles from Asheville, in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and the home to the world-renowned Brevard Music Center. We rented a house and it did not have Internet service so we contacted the local cable company, Comporium, to find out about our options. Diane, who answered our call, in the Comporium office, was so welcoming and concerned; she made us feel confident that she could help us from the second she picked up the phone. She explained how we would be billed, what equipment we would need to pick up, and to call her personally with any questions. She gave us her direct line.

The following day when I took my wife to the Comporium office, she asked for Diane who was so happy to meet her. Yes, the representative from the cable company who assisted us over the phone was the same one who helped us in person. Diane was our primary and only contact. We had difficulty connecting the router and Diane walked us through the process – problem solved.

I know it may not be possible, but if all cable companies were able to emulate the service model of Comporium, I can guarantee that cable companies would no longer have a bad name.

Have you had any positive experiences with your cable company?

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