New Call Center Training: The Welcomer Training Gives You The Competitive Edge!

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Poor customer experiences result in an estimated $83 billion loss by US enterprises each year.  Customer satisfaction, loyalty and repeat business are all tied directly to the customer experience. If your sales personnel are not consistently providing superior service and ‘wowing’ your customers, your business will not succeed. But delivering this level of service requires personnel who go through proper call center training and are prepared. Are your call center agents delivering the best possible customer service?

In many industries, the Internet, social media and the widespread availability of inexpensive, internationally sourced options has left businesses struggling to stay profitable. Customer experience is one of the few areas where a business can still differentiate itself, making it more important than ever to deliver encounters where customers are truly engaged and appreciated. Superior customer experience is the differentiator that keeps businesses competitive in this new economy.

In his book, The Welcomer Edge: Unlocking the Secrets to Repeat Business, Richard Shapiro, Founder and President of The Center For Client Retention (TCFCR), defines a Welcomer as someone who:

  • Effectively connects with customers as people first, customers second.
  • Provides information that not only addresses a question or issue but further educates the customer by relaying other useful, relevant data.
  • Creates relationships which encourage brand loyalty and ensures future patronage.

At The Center for Client Retention we understand the importance of consistently delivering a high level of customer service and recognize the difficulties many businesses have in finding people who are able to offer it.  As a business professional, you too may understand the need for superior service but lack the staff to deliver it. Our new Welcomer Training Program can solve this problem! The unique, interactive call center training prepares your existing staff to consistently provide Welcomer quality customer service to ensure your business will survive and thrive.

Call Center TrainingThe value of having Welcomers in your call center can be calculated in everything from higher sales, to increased loyalty, better customer retention and lower transaction costs. Unfortunately, natural born Welcomers are few and far between but our new, proprietary training program now gives YOU The Welcomer Edge by teaching your employees to think and act like Welcomers when interacting with customers. With a larger number of Welcomers in front line positions, your business will more effectively deliver the high level of customer service that will put you ahead of others in your industry!

The Welcomer Call Center Training Program was designed for businesses like yours, where you understand the need for superior customer service but have been unable to deliver it consistently or are looking for ways to improve the level of service you provide.  The call center training program teaches your staff the practical skills they need to interact more effectively with customers. Unlike other programs, which may only offer written materials, our proprietary training includes step-by-step instructions and audio/visual examples.

Providing excellent customer service is key to business success. Our call center training prepares your staff to provide your customers with Welcomer level engagement, keeping your business thriving and profitable in this competitive economy.

Give your business the competitive edge, The Welcomer Edge! Click here to learn more about the Welcomer Call Center Training Program and to get started today.

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