Call center coaching in disguise

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call center coaching

Call center coaching revolves around delivering the message effectively to your agents.  Tired of one-on-one meetings with your representatives to deliver feedback?  How about a different plan to get your point across by providing “weekly tips.” These are short emails that include information and instruction on a particular topic.

How to get started with your call center coaching weekly tips:

Think about a recent issue or question you’ve received from one of the agents. Design a weekly tip around that subject that contains four key components:

  • Create a title that grabs their attention. It should be something that makes the agent want to open the email and look further. Don’t be afraid to use humor.
  • Include an introduction that clearly defines the subject at hand. Your agents should know what you are referring to after reading the first sentence.
  • Describe real work-place examples that your call center agents can relate to. These examples should resemble situations that your agents find themselves in regularly. At the end of the examples, explain what the agent did correctly and which parts of the interaction should have been handled in a different way.
  • Communicate why doing this one thing the right way is so important. Following these steps will ensure you have added a valuable strategy to your training and development program.
  • Ask if there are any questions or comments about the tip.

These weekly emails will act as call center coaching in disguise.  The tips seem more like friendly reminders, as opposed to formalized training, which can be intimidating. You can even make the process more interactive by encouraging representatives to suggest their own weekly tips. This is a terrific opportunity to learn what your agents may be thinking so that you can provide the specific guidance they need.

Need some help in getting your Weekly Tips for call center coaching started?  We’d be happy to help, contact us today!

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