Data, data, & data – oh my! Day 1 of the SOCAP 2013 Symposium

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I have been lucky enough to attend the SOCAP 2013 Symposium in New Orleans.  The theme for the Symposium is big data and to me, it’s like Christmas in April!  As a big fan of data, I have been loving every moment of the presentations and panels.

For those who aren’t able to attend, here are some of our tweets from Day 1 of the SOCAP Symposium. – the day of data!

RT @bdcheung: #BigData best practices: Be the enabler. Involve the business from the start. #SYMP13 @MattAriker

#BigData best practice: start small @mattariker #symp13

RT @bdcheung: Interesting idea of thinking about a “data lifecycle” #BigData #SYMP13 @MattAriker

RT @JenniferatWest: “Avoid ineffective collecting of data that does not pertain to your initiative.” With Matt Ariker at #symp13

RT @DigitalRootsCRM: The “Big 3” of #BigData: Speech, text & video analytics + behavioral data = predictive analysis via @MattAriker

If you don’t ask the right questions…you’ll get accurate answers to the wrong questions @mattariker #symp13

RT @scott_gluck: Big data helps you understand the Why behind the What…. With precision. #symp13

One of the things #bigdata does is dispel the myths via @mattariker #symp13

RT @bdcheung: #VoC is moving past surveys, and in to really really advanced datasets (@MattAriker) #SYMP13

#BigData lets you get answers to questions you always had but didn’t have the technology to answer #symp13

RT @bsdalton: Trend: empowerment and control – consumers are rapidly moving to self service. #symp13

For products, marketing and promotions, your existing #contactcenter data can make a big difference #symp13

“Offer consumers simple services to better manage their increasingly valuable time” @ubercool #symp13

“You’ve only got one touchpoint, make it the best you can” @ubercool #symp13 #CustServ

Great opening session at #symp13 with @blprnt – love your views on #data!

RT @gmogy: Cell phones are the virtual biography of our lives. #symp13 @SOCAP

Companies positioned to think about the future of data are in a better position than those thinking about the present of data. #symp13

Numbers are not just numbers, they are measurements of something – measurements of our lives. #symp13

RT @MRDUVA: Totally blown away by @blprnt graphs following global travel via twitter feeds. Very cool. #symp13 @SOCAP

RT @LeslieO: JerThorp @blprnt OOH/AAH principle.People say OOH when they learn about yr idea; AAH when they get it. I want that reaction

The most important thing in the data dialog over the next 2 years is data ownership. #symp13

The definition of data: data are measurements of something #symp13

Happy 40th anniversary @SOCAP! #symp13

RT @bdcheung: Very excited to hear about humanizing big data, from Jer Thorp (@blprnt) #SYMP13

Great welcome reception at #symp13! Thank you Stericycle!

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