Benchmarking: Food & Beverage Call Centers Rate Highest In…

Benchmarking Food & Beverage Call Centers

Based on extensive benchmarking data that we have gathered at The Center For Client Retention, Food & Beverage call centers rate higher than other industries in demonstrating appreciation to their consumers.  Other industries included in this comparative data are healthcare, beauty-care, pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods companies and a broad category of miscellaneous industries.

How much higher are the benchmarking scores?

Benchmarking Food & Beverage Call Centers Stats

Scoring more than 10-points higher than the average rated company is a significant number and can sometimes mean the difference between a happy consumer and an indifferent one. Our customer satisfaction research has found that contact center managers who train their agents on demonstrating appreciation see exciting results!  Consumer satisfaction benchmarking study results show that when agents make an effort to convey appreciation:

  • Consumers expectations are exceeded approximately 15% more often
  • The consumers connection to the brand and company is positively impacted an average of 20% more often

Just think of the potential ROI for making 10% more of your consumers feel appreciated!

While contact centers in the Food & Beverage industry seems to be doing this right, it doesn’t mean that any industry can’t learn from their best practices.  There are many ways you can demonstrate appreciation, it’s not just a ‘thank you’.   Your contact center agents can demonstrate appreciation by:

  • Practicing active listening and responding appropriately.  If the consumer tells you how much they love your product, that they are thinking about trying it, told a friend how great it was, etc. make sure you respond to this with an authentic statement of appreciation.
  • Thanking them for contacting you and giving you the opportunity to help them.  It’s more than just thanking them for being a consumer, you want to go beyond that and acknowledge your appreciation for getting the opportunity to help them, talk to them, or answer their concern.
  • Being sincerely enthusiastic.  Equally as important as what you are saying is how you say it.  Don’t just train your agents to say the word, but also teach them the importance of tone of voice.

As consumer expectations and the marketplace change, it will be interesting to see which industry comes out on top in 2013.

Gain the competitive insight into how your contact center compares to our benchmarking database – contact us to learn more!

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