Our Process

Each client is unique, however we follow a specific process to get you the customer satisfaction information you need.

TCFCR project flow

Project Development

The Center For Client Retention builds successful working relationships by recognizing that each client faces specific challenges and deserves a unique solution.

Customer satisfaction research isn’t “one size fits all” and skimming the surface won’t uncover the kind of valuable information that generates performance improvements. We believe that nobody knows more about your business than you do. Therefore, you are an integral part of our project development process.

Prior to creating a program customized to meet your research goals, we conduct a detailed needs analysis with key members of your team. Our project intake process is an interactive examination of your department’s:

  • Specific circumstances
  • Needs
  • Research objectives
  • Expectations

Keeping the Customer Satisfaction Measurement Process on Track

During the research phase of the customer satisfaction process, your Senior Account Manager will oversee the implementation of the survey. As the surveys are being fielded, a critical analysis of these initial results is undertaken. This ensures that the survey responses are capturing all elements within the project’s parameters, and enables instantaneous adjustments to the survey and/or sample population if indicated, without the loss of valuable time.

Staying on schedule and meeting deadlines are our top priorities. Throughout the course of the project, your Senior Account Manager will provide weekly status updates, which focus on the progress of surveying along with any potential dissatisfied customers whom may require your immediate attention.

Customized Analysis and Reporting

Once the targeted number of customer satisfaction surveys is completed, your Senior Account Manager conducts a comprehensive analysis of all quantitative and qualitative results. This analysis focuses on providing both a “big picture” overview of the your performance as perceived by the customer, as well as close-up “snapshots” of performance.

This process can best be described as one of “drilling down” through volumes of customer input to identify both specific areas of strength and key drivers of dissatisfaction.

Delivery of Results

The final project stage begins with the delivery of research findings. Your Senior Account Manager prepares a compilation of reports, which present the qualitative and quantitative data in a variety of formats.

Our all-inclusive report provides a complete audit trail of the research and includes at minimum:

  • A list of survey respondents
  • Copies of the survey documents
  • Graphs of all closed-ended and open-ended results
  • Customer verbatim comments
  • An “At A Glance” overview of the research highlights
  • Benchmarking Index comparing your scores to other companies
  • 4Results™ root cause analysis for dissatisfied customers

TCFCR believes that delivering reports is only part of the completion stage, however. Working with our clients to analyze the findings and determine suitable next steps, we make a formal presentation of the results, either in person or via teleconference, where we review the 4Results™ and other data with appropriate team and management personnel.

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