Increase Customer Retention with TCFCR’s Repeat Business Risk Assessment

Business success is all about customer retention.  But how can you be sure that a new or existing customer will come back?

How can you tell that your company’s touch points with customers are working most effectively to ensure repeat business?

Whether you’re a brick, click or hybrid enterprise, how do you know if your customer experience strategies are truly impacting customer retention?

TCFCR’s Repeat Business Risk Assessment drives revenues by improving customer retention.

TCFCR’s team reviews various elements of your customer experience, with a focus on best-in-class customer retention strategies.  These elements include:

  • Policies and procedures
  • Communication materials
  • Employee training and readiness
  • Effectiveness in integrating technology with your consumer connection

After evaluating the selected touch points, a scorecard and summary report is developed.  This report is a holistic evaluation of your company’s “wiring to consumers.”  It includes assessment highlights and recommendations about how to improve overall customer retention.

TCFCR’s team will review the recommendations with you in detail and be available to answer any questions. Some recommendations can be immediately and easily implemented with virtually no investment. Further suggestions can be incorporated into the company’s strategic initiatives to improve the customer experience and drive revenues.

This comprehensive assessment in combination with TCFCR’s proprietary Repeat Business Score enables any business entity to assess their at-risk retention factor with their customers.

The Repeat Business Risk Assessment can be leveraged in any customer-facing department or industry:

  • Contact centers
  • Face-to-face retail stores
  • E-commerce websites

Finding new customers is important to your business. Customer retention is even more urgent.

To request a free consultation and learn more about TCFCR’s Repeat Business Risk Assessment, please contact us today.