Customer Service Training

TCFCR’s customer service training gives attendees’ valuable tools to help them create better relationships.  The primary message of all of our trainings, workshops and boot camps is that a customer is a person first and customer second.  Our high-touch philosophy teaches all associates not just how to better engage and connect with customers, but also with each other.

For an organization to improve their customer retention rate, customer service training is an essential part of any customer experience strategy.

The customized training program is created by a senior member of TCFCR’s team.  It is designed to:

  • Focus on areas of high need for your company
  • Be interactive and engaging
  • Teach skills that will resonate with employees of any level
  • Incorporate areas of your current customer experience strategy

Customer service training is the first step to improving the customer experience

Bootcamps and workshops based on Richard Shapiro’s newest book, The Endangered Customer, 8 Steps to Guarantee Repeat Business, are available for anyone who wants to improve their customer retention rate.  In this workshop, Richard provides a roadmap for any business or organization to keep the independent consumer a loyal customer.  The premise for success focuses on a “people first” attitude from the initial transaction through a continued relationship that should never end, capturing both loyalty and repeat business.

In the 8 Steps to Guarantee Repeat Business customer service training workshop, the audience will learn how to improve their customer retention rate by:

  • Thinking outside the box to ensure a competitive edge
  • Onboarding new customers so they come back
  • Training associates to invite customers to return
  • Creating the human connection customers want
  • Communicating with customers after the sale
  • Inspecting what is expected
  • Leveraging technology to enhance the customer experience
  • Incorporating the 8 Steps into an ecommerce business, contact center and brick & mortar environment

To learn more about how TCFCR can help you enhance your customer experience strategy with their customer service training, workshops and bootcamps, please contact us today.