Customer Satisfaction Survey Research

A customer satisfaction survey is only valuable if the right questions are asked, results reviewed and understood. Customer expectations are changing more rapidly than ever. Evolving technologies and increasing global competition present customers with a greater array of enticing options every day.

Conducting a customer satisfaction survey helps you stay current with these developing expectations, as well as consumer trends that impact buying decisions.  This is essential for the continued success and growth of your business.  TCFCR has extensive experience in conducting the following types of customer research:

  • Comprehensive consumer satisfaction & loyalty surveys
  • Employee engagement and connection studies
  • Contact center customer service skills assessments
  • Global customer satisfaction surveys
  • B2B executive interviewing

Our survey methodologies include telephone interviews and web surveys.  Through these methodologies we are able to:

  • Gather in-depth quantitative and qualitative findings which measure not only where to improve, but also how
  • Administer a web survey in any language
  • Provide immediate escalations to the client regarding at-risk customers
  • Reach an average 25% response rate
  • Provide clients with an objective, independent view of their service delivery
  • Demonstrate the importance of customer service skills in building connection with consumers

Repeat Business Scorecard – An essential element of TCFCR’s customer satisfaction survey

It’s an old adage that you should “inspect what you expect.” Once your organization fully comprehends the concept that the customer experience is a journey that starts with the first encounter and should never end, it’s critical to evaluate your performance. TCFCR has developed the Repeat Business Scorecard, based on customer satisfaction survey elements. These customer service skills are based on the areas covered in Richard Shapiro’s newest book, The Endangered Customer, 8 Steps to Guarantee Repeat Business.

Through TCFCR’s customer satisfaction survey tool, clients are able to see how their agent’s customer service skills compare against other companies.  These studies enable you to measure your performance against previous results as well as other companies within and outside of your industry, in an effort to achieve best-in-class service delivery.

Interested in learning more about customer satisfaction surveying and not sure where to start?  Download TCFCR’s free e-book, “Best Practices in Surveying.”