About The Center For Client Retention

The Center For Client Retention (TCFCR) was founded by Richard Shapiro in 1988 to provide customized survey research, training and consulting.  TCFCR deep dives into a company’s procedures, practices and communications determining strengths and weaknesses.  These findings are leveraged to create an exceptional customer experience, nurture loyalty and increase customer retention.

Customized Survey Research

Renowned for their customer satisfaction and loyalty survey research, TCFCR also specializes in developing customized research regarding:

  • Employee engagement
  • Contact center mystery shopping
  • Competitive landscape benchmarking

Customer Experience Training

TCFCR’s vast research experience allows them to develop customized customer experience training programs.  These workshops and boot camps are tailored to the individual needs of clients.  Recent workshops include:

  • 8 steps to guarantee repeat business
  • Demonstrating enhanced empathy and listening skills
  • Don’t tell me no! How to positively position negative responses

Customer Retention Consulting

The team at TCFCR are skilled customer experience surgeons.  They can diagnose any customer retention barriers and recommend immediate improvement opportunities.

Through their Repeat Business Risk Assessment, TCFCR measures the entire end-to-end customer experience.  This assessment evaluates a company’s policies, technology and communication materials to provide actionable insights for improvement.

TCFCR’s research, consulting and training can dramatically improve customer retention at any company.

Competition is fierce between the global economy, connectivity, start-ups and third party sellers. The cost to acquire new customers is high and social media has impacted consumer shopping patterns, acquisition of customers and how companies conduct business.

Contact TCFCR for a free consultation to learn how we can help you improve your company’s customer experience.