The Welcomer Edge: Unlocking the Secrets to Repeat Business

TCFCR Offerings The Welcomer Edge provides practical recommendations and strategies so that any company – regardless of industry or size – can maximize the quality of its customer service and the quantity of its loyal customers. The principles outlined in The Welcomer Edge are universal for all sales and service environments. It describes four distinct categories of service professionals – the people that will make any customer service/sales function or department a success. Understanding that each category has definitive service personalities will help a business at its most critical moment: the encounter that brings two people together to “make the sale” or further increase brand loyalty.

At the heart of this book is the “Welcomer”– a special category of friendly, engaging people who are innately intuitive and perceive customers as “people first.” Identifying and recruiting welcomers – as part of a company’s team – is the key to success. Author Richard Shapiro, the founder and President of The Center For Client Retention, provides real life examples and anecdotes to help transform this concept into action.

The bottom line is that The Welcomer Edge shows how sales and customer associates can have a powerful impact on revenues because they determine the outcome of the all-important first impression, and this translates into whether or not a business will achieve its most critical goal – repeat business.

The Welcomer Edge will give any company or organization the competitive edge.

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