The Endangered Customer: 8 Steps to Guarantee Repeat Business Endorsements



The Endangered Customer is a great read. I loved the chapter summaries, which can be easily broken down for frontline employees to make them feel empowered and confident in their ability to help customers. The book is filled with tactics and suggestions to make customers feel good about their experience even when the product or service they are looking for is not available. I am looking forward to giving a copy to everyone on my cus­tomer service team. –GREGG FERNANDES, vice president, Customer Care and Logistics, The Washington Post

Generating repeat business requires a strategy. Richard Shapiro’s eight steps provide an easy-to-navigate road map to create customer loyalty. It’s more important to know your customers than the company’s inventory, and The Endangered Customer makes that case. –JACK MITCHELL, chairman, Mitchell Family of Stores, author of Hug Your Customers and Hug Your People

More than ever, repeat business matters. But in today’s world of cutthroat competition, it’s harder than ever to secure.  The Endangered Customer will give you a blueprint for retention that is part science and part soul. –TIM SANDERS, author of Love Is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends

Encased in an eloquent framework, The Endangered Customer reminds us of the parallels that can be drawn between maintaining successful customer relationships and our own personal relationships. Every customer success roadmap should be created with touch point opportunities to develop human connections and strengthen bonds.  Richard reminds us that “human service” will carry us much further than “customer service.” An important read for anyone focused on customer success. –CHAD McDANIEL, founder and president, Execs in the Know

The aura of luxury brands used to guarantee loyalty. The most affluent and sophisticated customers of luxury products and services have become increasingly critical and are raising the bar. The Endangered Customer deconstructs every nanosecond of the customer experience and serves as a compelling compass and practical guide to guarantee their loyalty and repeat business. A rewarding “must-read.” –GREG FURMAN, founder & chairman, The Luxury Marketing Council

In The Endangered Customer, Richard Shapiro once again captures the human side of the retail experience. In simple and easy terms Richard creates a road map that should be intuitive but most often is totally ignored up and down the food chain of the customer interaction. An easy must-read for any service organization that wants not only to succeed but also to thrive! –IRA R. WEISS, PhD, Dean, Poole College of Management, North Carolina State University

The Endangered Customer is an exclamation point on three decades of experience in customer service. You’ll learn how to make customers welcome, earn their trust, and surprise them in ways that keep them coming back, again and again. Read it for compelling stories and insightful advice that reminds us customers want to be treated as human beings even in an age where digital service is becoming commonplace. –BOB THOMPSON, founder & CEO, CustomerThink, author of Hooked on Customers: The Five Habits of legendary Customer-Centric Companies

How can employees stem the tide of customer disloyalty? With charisma and the right knowledge. Richard Shapiro adroitly explains how to infuse these important qualities into each customer interaction. –DAVID MYRON, editorial director, CRM magazine