7 Tips For Improving Call Center Training

call center training

“There’s always room for improvement,” is how the saying goes.  If you think this is true of your call center training, then these 7 tips will be helpful to you:

1. Have the right people training your employees: Your trainers should be experts in the subject matter.  Ideally, they should have been an agent themselves.  This first-hand experience will allow your call center trainers to be more credible.  Additionally, your trainers must be excellent communicators and be receptive to feedback from management, peers, and the trainees.

2. Use real-world examples: Use stories to engage your trainees. Spending too long on just content will get boring. You need to grab their attention and story telling is one of the best methods for communicating your message.

3. Deliver content for all learning types: Use a variety of learning tools. Include pictures and diagrams for visual learners, audio examples and discussions for auditory learners, and group activities and exercises for kinesthetic learners.

4. Introduce, cover, and recap: Introduce a topic and tell the trainees what they will learn, cover the topic in great detail, and then do a recap. Using repetition will ensure the message sinks in.

5. Include assessments throughout the training: Including assessments throughout your call center training is another way to increase content retention. Long tests can be intimidating, so keep the quizzes brief.

6. Include a role-playing exercise: At the end of your call center training, add in a session where the trainees can apply their newly acquired knowledge by role-playing a scenario you’ve discussed. This allows you to see what each trainee retained and what was missed. Additionally, you can determine which training techniques are most effective.

7. Evaluate your training from beginning to end: Ask peers or management to sit in on a practice training sessions to evaluate you and the call center training program. This will allow you to recognize areas for improvement before your training goes live. Immediately following a training session, ask your new employees for feedback. Ask again a few weeks after the training, once they have had a chance to apply the knowledge in the workplace.

We like feedback, too!  Share your tips with us about how you improved you call center training.


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