5 Tips For Leaving A Memorable Last Impression With Consumers

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Nobody knows that more than contact center professionals.  Most consumers do not take the time to call your company with a question or complaint and those who do will most likely only call once in their lifetime.  So you only get that one opportunity to make sure they leave the conversation feeling delighted, more loyal, and engaged with the brand.  This is why we also feel that the last impression you give when ending the call is just as important as the first impression you make when you first pick up the phone.

Contact center agents are trained to greet the consumer with a positive tone of voice in addition to thanking them for their call.  But how much effort is spent training representatives on what they should include in their closing?

Here are 5 quick tips for leaving consumers with a memorable last impression:

  • Thank them for taking the time to call you – Nobody wakes up in the morning wanting to call a contact center with a question or a problem.  Making the effort to acknowledge how much you appreciate that they took the time to allow you to help them or understand that a problem exists makes the customer feel their time was not wasted.  It also reinforces how much you care about their opinions and feedback.
  • Thank them for their business – If someone is calling about an experience with your product, thank them for being a customer.  If they are calling because they are considering a purchase, don’t forget to thank them too!
  • Ask them to call back again with any questions or concerns – Remind them that you’re always there to help if they have any questions or concerns in the future and that you want to hear from them. Don’t forget to provide the contact center’s days and hours of operation.
  • Let them know about other value added resources you have – Whether it be FAQ’s on your website, a Facebook page, or even self-serve options on your IVR – rave about them to your consumers!  Tell them about the resource(s) and how they can be beneficial – they’ll appreciate it!
  • What you say is just as important as how you say it – With all of these tips; never forget the importance of tone and inflection.  Make sure the customer hears the appreciation and interest in your voice.  A “thank you” with no inflection will not resonate.

What are some ways you train your contact center representatives to leave a positive last impression?

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  1. This was a very timely report. I got off the phone a little while ago with a tech support rep for a major software company. You guessed it — from India. You can thank customers and be friendly but if your accent is so thick as to make what you say unintelligible then it simply doesn’t work. I spent more time asking him to repeat himself and spell out what he was saying than on the problem itself. It may be cheaper to outsource this function overseas but it is a disservice to customers.