30 Repeat Business Tips in 30 Days Weekly Roundup #4

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30 Tips in 30 Days

Now that the final week of September is over, we are bringing you our final weekly roundup to our 30 Tips in 30 Days series. Here are the last Repeat Business Tips from experts across many different fields. Check them out on Twitter for more of their expertise.

Tip #24 comes from Tom Smith and gives us some fresh ideas on what to blog about.


Tip #25 comes from Elinor Stutz and brings sales into the discussion of generating repeat business.


Tip #26 comes from Peter Shankman and encourages us to give our customers a reason to recommend us to others.


Tip #27 comes from Evan Carroll and breaks down repeat business to one simple rule: be repeatable.


Tip #28 comes from Shep Hyken and teaches us that customers can be our greatest (and cheapest) marketing tool.


Tip #29 comes from Mike Aoki and is all about finding the right balance to bring customers back time and time again.


Tip #30 (the last and final!) comes from Richard Shapiro and ties everything together by driving home the importance of building a relationship with customers.


With our 30 Repeat Business Tips in 30 Days series coming to a close, we hope that you have been able to gain some insightful knowledge to bring to your business. We had a great time interacting with all of these different professionals from across so many different fields in putting together this series. Stay tuned next week as these 30 tips (plus those that did not make the cut for the top 30) will be published as an eBook available for FREE download.

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