30 Repeat Business Tips in 30 Days Weekly Roundup #3

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30 Tips in 30 Days

With one more week of September in the books, we are bringing you our next weekly roundup to our 30 Tips in 30 Days series. Here are the latest Repeat Business Tips from experts across many different fields. Check them out on Twitter for more of their expertise.

Tip #17 comes from Denise Graziano and discusses the importance of feedback in improving service.


Tip #18 comes from Kate Nasser and urges us to treat customers as relationships and not interactions.


Tip #19 comes from Roy Atkinson and emphasizes the importance of following through on promises to customers.


Tip #20 comes from Raffy Pekson II and shows us that customers want their interaction to be easy above all else.


Tip #21 comes from Adam Ramshaw and urges us to discover the lifetime value of each customer.


Tip #22 comes from Glen Gilmore and brings social media marketing into the repeat business discussion.


Tip #23 comes from Perry van Beek and discusses the importance of managing your brand’s reputation.

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