30 Repeat Business Tips in 30 Days Weekly Roundup #2

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30 Tips in 30 Days

With the second week of September winding down, we are bringing you our next weekly roundup to our 30 Tips in 30 Days series. Here are the latest Repeat Business Tips from experts across many different fields. Check them out on Twitter for more of their expertise.

Tip #10 comes from Amber Boaz and covers getting to know your customer more in-depth.


Tip #11 comes from The Appraiser Team and creates a simple formula to guarantee customer service success.


Tip #12 comes from Jeff Toister and emphasizes the need to listen to customers.


Tip #13 comes from Blake Morgan and is all about making things easy for your customers.


Tip #14 comes from Jay Daughtry and teaches us that no customer/client is too small for specialized attention.


Tip #15 comes from Adam Toporek and discusses how emotions play into getting customers to return.


Tip #16 comes from Ian Golding and is about showing the customer they matter.


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