30 Repeat Business Tips in 30 Days Weekly Roundup #1

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30 Tips in 30 Days

Now that the first week of September is over, we are bringing you our first weekly roundup to our 30 Tips in 30 Days series. Here are the first 7 Repeat Business Tips from experts across many different fields. Check them out on Twitter for more of their expertise.

Tip #1 comes from Christoph Trappe and covers growing your customer base.



Tip #2 comes from the ICMI Team and is about the importance of quality assurance.


Tip #3 comes from Colin Taylor and strikes the core of exceptional customer service.


Tip #4 comes from Mike Kunkle and shows how sales plays into repeat business.


Tip #5 comes from Mike Wittenstein and highlights the importance of recognizing your client’s successes.


Tip #6 comes from Stan Phelps and is about building the customer relationship beyond simple business interactions.


Tip #7 comes from Lisa Marie Dias and is about matching outreach efforts to customer preference.


Tip #8 comes from Kim Beasley and emphasizes the role blogging can play in generating business.


Tip #9 comes from Annie Strack and covers the importance of developing long-lasting relationships.


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