2018 Retail Trends-Free eBook!

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2018 Retail Trends

TCFCR’s 2018 Retail Trends is now available as a FREE eBook, which can easily be downloaded onto your computer or favorite mobile device for easy browsing ability. In this customer experience eBook authored by Richard Shapiro, retailers will learn how to stay ahead of trends in the coming year and what customers look for in the ideal retail experience.

While 2017 was an interesting year for retail, the interesting aspects of the industry are only going to continue growing by leaps and bounds in 2018. While more and more brick and mortar stores closed due to ecommerce competition, 2017 saw retailers really beginning to invest in more immersive in-store experiences, in the technology that the consumers craved, and in setting themselves apart from the competition. Brands that have already seen success in their retail stores have found a way to motivate shoppers to sooner walk into the brick and mortar option than simply logging on to their computer and virtually adding items to their cart. With the presence of ecommerce only growing each year, 2018 will see retailers putting more money, time, and resources towards the same goal they had this year: finding a way to stay relevant and necessary in the consumers mind.

Though the future is uncertain, there is one thing for sure: 2018 will be a year like no other in the retail industry. Retailers and consumers alike will be trying new things and having in-store experiences they thought they could only dream of. Take a look at what trends we expect to see in 2018 by downloading our FREE eBook today!

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