My 2015 Customer Service Wish List

My 2015 Customer Service Wish List

A new year brings resolutions and wish lists and here are my wishes for customer service in 2015:

  1. When someone answers the phone or greets me in a store, they welcome me, just like they would welcome me into their home.
  2. If I call Customer Service and am put on hold, I am given the estimated wait time with an additional option of calling me back.
  3. Whenever I have a question, don’t tell me “no” or  “can’t.” Rather, let me know how you can help.
  4. When I go into a store or restaurant, every employee gives me his/her full attention. That means not being on a cell phone or talking with a co-worker.
  5. Check-out counters are sufficiently staffed so the wait is no longer than five minutes. If I have to wait, an associate will make eye contact, say hello and tell me that he/she will be with me soon.
  6. I will never receive another email that says, “Do not reply.”
  7. When I give a company my email address, I will not receive emails every day or even every week.
  8. Customer service representatives will not only be friendly, but able to educate me about products and services.
  9. I will be noticed and acknowledged either as a regular or first time customer.
  10. Companies will do something to show that my business still matters days or weeks after I purchase something.

What wishes do you have for better customer service in 2015?

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  1. Great list, Richard!
    I want to add “Please don’t ask me if I want to open a credit card and save 5%” every time I visit your store. Educate me on the benefits by having signage or info readily available but the question gets very old, very quickly. It’s also a missed opportunity for the sales associate to authentically engage the customer.